Forest Arts Music Hub

Music Lessons

Instrumental and Vocal Lessons

Walsall Music Education Hub and Service offers a programme of instrumental and vocal lessons at Walsall Arena and Arts Centre (fka: Forest Arts Centre) on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays throughout the academic year for children, young people and adults (option 3 only-see below), and takes place after school.

We currently offer Brass, Woodwind, Strings, Guitar, Vocal, Music Theory, Drum kit and Piano lessons on a weekly basis during term time. 

Lessons follow a comprehensive and progressive Music educational scheme of work with on-going teacher assessment. External music exams (ABRSM, LCM, Trinity) are available and operate on a regular schedule at the Walsall Arena and Arts Centre (subject to the normal entry and accompaniment fees). Study for these exams can be incorporated into the lessons as part of the on-going programme of study, if required and/ or appropriate.

Options 1 & 2 below, include the requirement to regularly attend an appropriate Forest Arts Centre based Music ensemble on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday evening. This enhances the learning experience and opportunities for children and young people by rehearsing and performing with others.

The following options are available (children aged 5-18, see + below for further details)

Option 1:

Individual lesson (exc. Piano) with an ensemble experience is £11 per 30mins per week.

Individual theory lessons are also £11

Option 2:

Shared lesson (exc. Piano) with an ensemble experience is £6 per 30mins per person per week. (subject to availability, suitability and half termly review)

Option 3:

Individual lesson (without ensemble experience) is £13.50 per 30mins per week. Adults - £15 per 30 minutes per week


As part of this lesson package we also offer the free loan of an instrument if required (exc. piano). This includes maintenance and repairs for up to half the value of the instrument (please note strings, reeds, valve oil, drum sticks, sheet music are consumables and are not covered).
All lessons are subject to availability, are reviewed half termly and payments are to be made half termly in advance.

Enquiries, please contact


Phone: 01922 655576, 655540 or 655579 (office hours only)


* subject to availability. Piano & Drum Kit are excluded from this loan service.

** Terms & conditions apply.

+Adult lessons are available on request subject to availability. Adult lessons are not subsidised and are charged at £15 per 30 minutes lesson