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World Music Day 21st June

World Music Day 21st June

World Music Day 21st June

Fri 12 Apr - Fri 31 May

The aim is create a 'Lockdown' style video, featuring groups and individuals from schools, music Centres and communities around Walsall, and present for viewing on World Music Day on 21st June

If you would like to be involved, download your part and the corresponding backing track (below). Then...

  1. Learn your part
  2. Play your backing track IN HEADPHONES and video you playing your part
  3. Send the recording to

Backing tracks and parts are available from the table below (please note: anyone can use the full backing track to record with, the other tracks have specific instruments muted in case it helps you record your part)

Full Backing Track (anyone can use this if you want to just play along)  
No Bass Bass
No Drums Drums
No Guitar Guitar
No Organ Organ
No Piano Piano
No Vocal (Use this track perhaps for the 'Easy' parts) Vocals 
 Accordion (Use this track for Flute, Clarinet, Ten Sax and Violin) Accordion 
  Easy Violin
  Easy Flute 
  Easy Clarinet
  Ten Sax
  Easy Ten Sax
  Easy Trumpet
  Easy Tr'bone 
  Pad (kbd)
  Easy Piano
  Easy Organ 


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