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Bentley West Hip Hop project

Bentley West

During our return to school following Lockdown ,children inYear 5 at Bentley West Primary School began a music project about Hip Hop music. We started by listening to examples of Hip Hop music with a focus on ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel Air’. Learning that Hip Hop lyrics  reflect society the children unanimously agreed that they wanted to write a hip hop song about COVID 19 and how it has affected all of our lives.


The children worked with jamboards and digital notebooks to share and record song lyrics and created backing tracks for the song using Songmaker in google chromelab. After evaluating all of their ideas each class finalised their lyrics and rehearsed to create the final versions of their songs. The children are very excited about the songs they have created and it has given them a chance to express their feelings about the pandemic in an expressive way.


Listen to their tracks: