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The Forest Foundation posted 28 Jun 2018

The Forest Foundation

Orchestrating & supporting music in Walsall.

Forest Foundation is an association of friends and parents, supporting the young musicians of Walsall: orchestrating a diverse array of musical education and development.

Our 1st year has seen us support the Music Hub and local schools by: hiring coaches to events, contributing to orchestra projects (Orchestra of The Swan - Stratford, Crazy Composers-London),  supportting singing competitions, hosting rock concerts and presenting over 7 hours of continuous music in our Arboretum Music Fest last Summer. This was a free entry event, but the food & drink stalls at the event and the raffle held over the previous 2 weeks raised £1000.

If you would like to get involved, support or sponsor us in any way, or for more information, please contact Glen Taylor - gtaylor@walmused.org.uk


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