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Orchestra of the Swan posted 11 Feb 2020

Orchestra of the Swan

Orchestra of the Swan and Walsall Music Hub brought a day of music making to Walsall Arena and Arts Centre on 5th February 2020. Using 3 pieces from BBC 10 Pieces pupils from across the region came together to form an orchestra over 100 strong. Beginners to grade VIII players, violins to flutes to euphoniums to timpanists even some acoustic guitarists formed one enormous orchestra for the day.


After an inspirational start from the OOTS players, the morning sectionals were led by players from the Orchestra of the Swan and the afternoon saw a side by side performance with orchestral players, pupils and school staff all playing together.


Parents enjoyed a sharing session in the late afternoon with some children putting in requests to play new instruments and join some of the free ensembles run by the Music Hub as a direct result of this day of music making.


The day was made possible by generous sponsorship from the Federation of Walsall Musicians as well as subsidies from both WMEHS and OOTS, meaning the cost to schools was able to be kept minimal.

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