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Lockdown Jazz Project posted 06 May 2020

Lockdown Jazz Project
  • Please download your parts and backing track (see below)
  • Check out Mr Dewhurst talking through the musical arrangement here
  • Play along to the backing track and record audio or video (video for music centre students only, requires clear parental permission)
  • Send your recordings to either your instrumental teacher, or to ndewhurst@forestartsmusic.org.uk
  • For full details on the project, please watch this video


Links for all the parts (click here for backing track)

Trumpet 1     Trumpet 2     Trumpet 3     Trumpet 4

TC Trombone: Trombone 1     Trombone 2     Trombone 3     Bass Trombone

BC Trombone: Trombone 1     Trombone 2     Trombone 3     Bass Trombone

Alto Sax 1     Alto Sax 2     Tenor Sax 1     Tenor Sax 2     Baritone Sax

 Electric Guitar     Bass Guitar     Piano     Drums


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