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Labour Party Music Education Pledge posted 12 Mar 2024

Labour Party Music Education Pledge

Keir Starmer and Shadow Education Secretary Bridget Phillipson have been setting out how Labour will improve access to creative subjects to ensure that all children have the chance to benefit from subjects like music.

It comes as analysis reveals that only 60% of the British actors, directors and musicians nominated for major awards over the past decade were state educated, despite 94% of pupils attending state school.

We look forward to Labour to restoring this vital educational entitlement to all children. Under the Conservative Government, schools have been made to focus on a narrow curriculum of STEM subjects while music and arts subjects have been pushed to the margins. It is vital that a Labour Government restore a well-rounded curriculum to ensure that all arts subjects – and arts careers – are open and accessible to young people.

Labour’s plans

Labour’s plans include commitments to:

  • Broaden the curriculum - a Curriculum Assessment Review to broaden opportunities for state-school pupils and ensure that children don’t miss out on subjects such as music, art, design, sport and drama
  • Change school accountability mechanisms - to encourage creative subjects as a first step to a broader curriculum
  • Recruit 6,500 new teachers – to boost school capacity, funded via ending tax breaks for private schools.

Keir Starmer, Leader of the Labour Party said: “It is short-sighted and frankly immoral, to allow arts and culture to become the domain of a few privileged pupils. Britain is a world leader in music and film, but we are holding back masses of potential because the Conservatives’ creativity crisis is shutting kids out.

“Growing up in a working-class household, the opportunity to learn an instrument gave me benefits far beyond the music. It gave me the confidence to kick on, and the drive to achieve.

“My mission is to ensure all children are supported to be creative and reap the practical, emotional and social benefits that come with it. That’s irrespective of your school, your family income or where you live”.

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