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Music Centre instrumental virtual projects

Letter to our members

Parents/Carers and Tuesday Walsall Music Centre Members,

We hope you and your families are well. It’s been such a long time since our last rehearsals at Music Centre.

As Walsall Arena and Arts Centre remains closed at the moment, it’s going to be a little while longer before we can get together to rehearse so we thought the Walsall Music Centre’s Instrumental ensembles could come together online with a series of ‘virtual’ performance projects. The plan for each ‘virtual’ project is simple:

1. Learn a piece

2. Practice playing it to a backing/click track

3. Record yourselves playing it

4. Then send the recording to us

5. We will edit it all together to create the ‘virtual’ performance for each ensemble project and upload them to our YouTube channel in time for our virtual Christmas event “Walsall’s Winter” to be aired on Thursday 17th December 2020

You should have received an email with details of your ensemble’s project and how to sign-up.

Please reply to the email with your sign-up form completed and attached so that we can get this term’s projects completed before Christmas.

Not received an email?

Get your parents/carers to send an email to the contacts assigned to each project below and we’ll get the information to you.

Look forward to hearing from you all soon,

Best wishes from all at WMEHS


Projects available this term and who to contact:

· FAB Band and Junior Wind Band Project lead by Helen Miller, Craig Stevens and Ruth Crowson – contact Monica Hollins

 · Senior Wind Band and Intermediate Wind Band Project lead by Nick Turner, Helen Bailey and Monica Hollins - contact Monica Hollins

 ·New Generation Jazz and Jazz@6 Project lead by Helen Miller and Paul Bennett - contact Helen Miller

· Apollo, Phoenix and Senior Strings Project – contact Glen Taylor


Mail link not working?

Search your computer for System/Apps/Default Apps and make sure Email points to Mail.

Alternatively - right click the email link and copy address. Paste this into your email app.